Ford and firestone brawl ethical

Contrastingly, of course, there is also the fact that Firestone should have, from an ultimate utilitarian perspective, avoided the entire fiasco in the first place.

But they failed to take it seriously. Decision Criteria and Weights But Ford and Firestone did not take any action to fix the problem. For all the consumers, they will more ensured that Firestone will be doing necessary actions to ensure that their safety is of Firestone's priority.

Ford also argued that the size of the wedge, a strip of rubber between the first and second belts, is smaller in Firestone tires than Michelin tires making them weaker than comparable Michelin tires.

Fairness Care Care of the government for the business owners Care of the government for the consumers that the competition will lower cost Virtue 1. Background of the Case …………… II. Prior to their business rift with Firestone, Ford was also involved in a predicament situation with Goodyear in Also read utilitarianism and business ethics essay In conclusion, it seems rather evident that the Firestone recall situation offers a multitudinous amount of ethical questions to be pored over and discussed in further detail.

One of the most interesting questions that comes to light is that, strangely enough, of company profits. Virtue By working together, the virtue of unity reflects on Ford and Firestone.

Ethics and the Conduct of Business, 5th Edition

Likewise, since Ford had already decided on using their existing Ranger pick up truck assembly line as the same ones to assemble the Explorer, they have already reached a stage wherein abandoning their plans for the Explorer would be highly improbable, thus necessitating them instead to rely on modifications, such as lowering the tire pressure, to serve as solutions for their problems.

Ford engineers could hardly wait to replace the Explorer's outmoded front suspension. Needless to say, it might seem somewhat cavalier, or perhaps even downright cruel, to focus on financial aspects in the face of the deaths and disfigurements that occurred as a result of the faulty tires.

Many legal cases are raised because of people seeking compensation for their losses as a result of business people making unethical decisions.

Ford argued that the tire design led to higher operating temperatures compared to similar tires manufactured by Goodyear and that differences in manufacturing at Decatur led to weaker tires that were more prone to failure.

It's not a particularly safe class, compared with cars. And these products share a heritage, since Firestone customized the Wilderness AT tires for the Explorer to Ford's specifications.

Justice and Justice is accorded to the society at large as strict regulations are in full force; but Fairness does not consider the Care Care of the government is shown to the consumers; may cause unnecessary censorship to the manufacturers Virtue 1.

Wilderness AT tires produced at its plant in Decatur, Ill.

The Ford/firestone Case

But creating a car always involves making trade-offs among engineering, manufacturing, safety, sales and advertising components as well as responding to consumer and competitive pressures. Regardless of whether we believe good business ethics contribute to profits or not, poor ethics will have a major impact on bottom line.

If this is true, then, just like with Ford, the option Firestone took was its best one. The Explorer had a lower rate of fatal accidents from to than 9 of 11 other SUVs. Firestone replaced those tire with heavier duty tires.

And with this, justice to the dignity of each person will be served.

Case Analysis Report Ford Motor Company and Firestone

And Ford says it got the bugs out. According to the accident report, the driver overcorrected for a rear-end slide, sending the vehicle first into a four-wheel slide and then a [degree] flip. Since this was a very serious safety issue, Ford and Firestone were ordering the recall of problem tires in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Asia but not in the United States.

However, the fact that a vehicle exhibits linear range oversteer characteristics following a rear tire tread separation does not, in itself, indicate that the vehicle contains a safety-related defect.De La Salle University – MBA Program Group 2: Margarita Ambrocio, Nick Anthony N.

Naz, Melanie Atog, Anthony Tan [FORD FIRESTONE DEBACLE A Case Study on the Ford and Firestone Debacle, submitted as partial fulfillment of the course Lasallian Business Leadership and Ethics.

Ford-Firestone case is a unique and an appropriate example of violation of business ethics my two renowned corporation, Ford Motor Company and Firestone Tire Company, each of which was the manufacturer of a different product. Business Ethics Case Analysis #2 The Ford/Firestone Debacle I.

The major emphasis of the case, “The Ford/Firestone Debacle”, is to inform car owners about the problems occurring with the Ford Explorer and Firestone tires%(14).

Ford’s Ethical Issues Ford knew that it had design flaws within the Ford Explorer associated with the tire tread separation crisis.

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Ford and firestone brawl ethical
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