Kinematics velocity and cart

Of course, the only force involved here is the gravity, which is pulling the cart to the ground. To determine how similar or different minecart physics are from real life, I will conduct several experiments with minecarts.

Vera Side is speeding down the interstate at I chose a part of my video where there was an uninterrupted second of traveling over the flat track.

Time of travel of the cart in a specific displacement was determined using the cart, picket fence and smart timer. In the position versus time table, use your mouse to highlight all of the data in the time and position columns in yellowand Copy the data to the clipboard.

Kinematics velocity and cart displacement due to acceleration is represented by the green triangle. In inelastic collisions, momentum p is conserved.

The cart moving towards the motion detector at a greater velocity. Kinematic Equations and Graphs The goal of this first unit of The Physics Classroom has been to investigate the variety of means by which the motion of objects can be described. Indicate this time on the graph.

You will need to consider the two time intervals before and after the brakes are pressed separately, since they have different accelerations. You can see the effect of this if the difference between theoretical velocity and actual velocity in the conservation of momentum experiment.

By clicking on the ball and hitting Kinematics velocity and cart track button, you will see a position and velocity graph generated.

The cart moving towards the motion detector at a slower velocity. Chuck Wagon travels with a constant velocity of 0. Example 1 By legend, Galileo dropped a ball from the Tower of Pisa.

The final experiment will be to determine the coefficient of kinetic friction between the minecart and the rail. When you consistently obtain data that appears like the picture to the right you are ready to begin data collection. The force of friction is equal to the coefficient of kinetic friction times the normal force, which is the force exerted by the ground on the minecart.

Will Vera hit the cars in the pileup? If the oscillation is sufficiently strong in terms of its acceleration and amplitude then the inverted pendulum can recover from perturbations in a strikingly counterintuitive manner.

Smart Carts

This relationship is shown in the equation for momentum: This equation simplifies even further to become If we assume that the original position and time are zero, we can further reduce this to Using geometry, we can examine the area under a curve of a velocity vs time graph for constant accelerating motion.

If we look at the area under the curve, we can break it into a rectangle and a triangle. Kinematic vectors in plane polar coordinates. Velocity vector v, always tangent to the path of motion.

However, you need to be careful with the units.

Homework Help: Questions on Kinematics

To what extent is the position versus time squared graph a straight line? Use the plot to determine the distance that Vera would travel prior to reaching a complete stop if she did not collide with the pileup. What is the position of the mailbox?

The Kinematic Equations

An inelastic collision is the opposite, the two objects stick together, like play-doh sticking to a wall after colliding. To what extent is the velocity versus time graph for this motion a straight line? This can be found by comparing the velocities of a minecart 1 second apart.

It expresses both the distance of the point from the origin and its direction from the origin. What is the significance of the area between the acceleration versus time graph and the time axis the area "under the graph"? For every change in displacement, there is also change in time, definitely.

You may have guessed that the time would be measured in seconds. The examples below provide useful opportunity for those requiring additional practice. Thus, the equation now becomes: Answer the questions below regarding the relationship between the tangent line the value is shown as the SLOPE on the Position v.

Repeat steps "6a" and "6b" two more times, first adding the two silver-colored weights to the cart, and lastly adding the large black weight to the cart.


This is shown below. Otto then maintains a constant velocity for There are a variety of quantities associated with the motion of objects - displacement and distancevelocity and speedaccelerationand time.This function computes the average velocity of a moving object, given its initial and final position on an axis and also the total time spent to get to that final position.

Considering is the initial position at time and is the final position at time, the average velocity is given by the following simple formula. Nov 07,  · Homework Help: Questions on Kinematics Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Nov 7, #1. MoreZitiPlease. The velocity of the cart at the second timer is m/s.

a. What is the cart’s velocity at the first gate? b. What is the acceleration? 2. Relevant equations WE NEED TO USE ONE OF THESE EQUATIONS FOR THESE QUESTIONS. Whenever the velocity changes, there is an acceleration.

Equipment You will find the relevant computer files in the “Kinematics Lab 2” folder. Once inside that folder, double click on the file “Kinematics. The phrase constant velocity indicates a motion with a 0 acceleration.

The acceleration of the object during the last 5 seconds can be calculated using the following kinematic equation. v f = v i + a*t. The substitution and algebra are shown here.

Experiment 2 - Kinematics

Physics Tutorial» 1-D Kinematics. Lab #2 – 1 D Kinematics 5. Use Excel™ to construct a Position vs. Time graph and a Velocity vs. Time graph. Again, there is a tutorial available if you have difficulty graphing data in Excel™. Linear Kinematics Physics Lab III Objective This lab exercise will explore the relationships between distance, time, velocity, and acceleration.

These relationships will be used to determine if the acceleration of a cart.

Kinematics velocity and cart
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