Rhubarb pie is a dessert therefore whoever eats rhubarb pie eats a dessert

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Rhubarb pie is a dessert. Therefore, whoever eats rhubarb pie eats a dessert.

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Answer. Bandwagon. Either/Or fallacy. Division. No fallacy. 5 points. Therefore, whoever eats rhubarb pie eats a palmolive2day.comBandwagonEither/Or fallacyDivisionNo fallacy5 points Question 17 If you find yourself paralyzed in bed for a few moments and see little creatures by your bed, you might conclude that you had experienced some kind of UFO alien palmolive2day.comHasty generalizationPost hoc ergo propter.

*strawberry rhubarb pie - Rhubarb pie, yes, I guess you could be strawberries in there too but I've never heard of anyone doing that. *cheese wiz - no clue *hot dogs - Yes, but I think people would usually choose a burger or a chicken fillet roll over this. so your want to ban smoking in all eating establishments?

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Rhubarb pie is a dessert therefore whoever eats rhubarb pie eats a dessert
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