The reproductive health bill

Reproductive Health Bill Passes Embroiled Oregon House, Heads to Senate

Risa Hontiveros — who is part of the senatorial slate of the Liberal Party — filed a motion for reconsideration on the status quo ante order, which would take effect for days, or 4 months. The Program of Action endorses a new strategy which emphasizes the numerous linkages between population and development and focuses on meeting the needs of individual women and men rather than on achieving demographic targets.

Sex and reproductive health

Proponents such as E. The Revision coming from 3. The editorial of the Philippine Daily Inquirermoreover, stated that Catholic teaching is "only" a religious teaching and should not be imposed with intolerance on a secular The reproductive health bill.

Not talking about the Anti-RH does not give justice to the struggles and the gain we had right now.

Reproductive health

Requires authority, in consultation with Department of Consumer and Business Services, to design program to provide statewide access to abortion coverage for Oregon residents enrolled in health benefit plans that do not cover abortion.

All 17 goals are comprehensive in nature and build off one another, but goal 3 is "To ensure health lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages". A Conclusion to a Decade-long Crusade Finally inthe controversial Reproductive Health Bill RH Bill has been resurrected and made into a law after ten to fourteen years of being stuck in legislation.

This proposed Act doses not only seek to protect and promote reproductive health and rights and to empower couples, individuals, more particularly women, and the youth, but it also aims to improve the quality of life of the people in general.

Very pertinent to the debate about reproduction rights is the right to life. The country is not a welfare state: The reproductive health bill back then, legislators from Congress and Senate under the administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo were dominated by conservative Anti-RH representatives.

Notwithstanding these findings that favor smaller-sized families, this bill is not a population control measure with the sole objective of limiting population growth. Darker areas mean more poverty. To contribute to the empowerment and responsible behavior of the youth, this proposed legislation provides for age-appropriate reproductive health and sexuality education that may be initiated by parents at house, and shall be sustained and complemented by formal education in school.

The two party-list representatives strongly state that poverty is not due to over-population but because of inequality and corruption. Philippine President Benigno Simeon Aquino III quietly signed the bill into law last December 21,four days away before Christmas — for me the best Christmas gift for Filipino women and youth especially us RH advocates who were tireless in our efforts to lobby, dialogue, march on the streets and campaign for the passage of the RH Bill into a law.

Sexual problems are 1. The bill intends to provide universal access through government funding, complementing thus private sector initiatives for family planning services, such as those offered by the International Planned Parenthood Federation IPPF which supports the Family Planning Organizations of the Philippines and the 97 organizations of the Philippine NGO Council.

We could have stopped this climate of ignorance that has imperiled our youth for several generations now. The SC is set to hold oral arguments on the case in June. Financial resources allotted by foreign donors to assist the Philippine government programs could actually be better spent towards pursuing health programs targeting communicable diseases than purchasing artificial contraceptives.

Unlike the claim of the conservatives, the RH Law is not made to legitimize abortion. The pro-RH people accuse the anti-RH group of misleading the public by calling the bill an abortion bill, when the bill states that abortion remains a crime and is punishable. The two party-list representatives strongly state that poverty is not due to over-population but because of inequality and corruption.

However, the position of the Catholic Church and the pro-life groups does not mean that they espouse the attitude of "natalism" at all costs, as if the "number" of children, in itself, were the unmistakable sign of authentic christian matrimonial life. The risk of dying from a vasectomy is 1 in 1 million and the risk of dying from using an IUD is 1 in 10 million Patients should be made fully aware of this information so that they can consent to or refuse the use of artificial contraceptives.

Duane Stark, R-Grants Pass, used his support for expanding healthcare access to immigrants to extol Democrats to compromise and focus on closing all coverage gaps except abortion. A reduction of maternal mortality rates and a narrowing of disparities in maternal mortality within countries and between geographical regions, socio-economic and ethnic groups.

It would be the second time in Philippine history that the government defied the Catholic Church since the Rizal Law which makes me feel happy that a government like President Aquino can stand up for the general good and welfare of the Filipino people.

Therefore, the resulting law is a product of this painstaking process and is a democratic compromise.

Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012

Pritchett said that it is "based on a discrepancy It should be clarified, however, that this bill does not only protect the life of the unborn from the moment of implantation but that of the mother as well.

It is worth noting, however, that available studies, data and statistics show that the Filipinos are responsive to having smaller-sized families through free choice of family planning methods: I still maintain that the immediate implementation of the law does not pose any concrete damage to the constitutional rights of any individual.

There are four types: Lagman explained that "Globally, the new number of reported cases of HIV infections and deaths has dropped by nearly 20 percent.

As many states create obstacles for women seeking abortion, and Congressional Republicans debate cutting off access to both contraceptive care and abortion, Oregon is leading the way in the other direction to make it as easy as possible for women to make their own choices about reproductive healthcare.

As we celebrate the passage of the RH Bill into law, we would like to congratulate Hon. Priority is given to teaching it to public schools where the bulk of students go to get their education.

If artificial contraceptives are medically proven to induce abortion as one of their mechanisms of action, then procurement and distribution of such family planning supplies are unconstitutional and illegal.

Reproductive Health Bill

Family planning counseling, pre-natal care, safe delivery and post-natal care, prevention and appropriate treatment of infertilityprevention of abortion and the management of the consequences of abortion, treatment of reproductive tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases and other reproductive health conditions; and education, counseling, as appropriate, on human sexuality, reproductive health and responsible parenthood.This bill would clarify that health care service plans, health insurers, and Medi-Cal managed care plans may cover sexual and reproductive health services that are provided appropriately through telehealth according to clinical guidelines.

Reproductive Health Fact Sheets - Tile Reproductive Health Fact Sheets Learn more about reproductive health issues including sexually transmitted diseases, vaginal discharge, urinary tract infections, and cancers affecting women’s and men’s reproductive systems.

Nov 21,  · The Health Reproductive bill in the Philippines respresents a billthat is passed to have better access to health in the countryespecially for women and children needing it. Hence, the bill seeks to promote the reproductive health of women basically through massive and sustained information campaign on reproductive health rights, care, services and facilities coupled with universal access to all methods of family planning ranging from the natural to the modern which are medically safe and legally permissible.

Reproductive Health Law in the Philippines: A Conclusion to a Decade-long Crusade Finally inthe controversial Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) has been resurrected and made into a law after ten to fourteen years of being stuck in legislation.

A paper on the Reproductive Health Bill in Philippines 1. Introduction As ofPhilippines has a population of , people, making it the twelfth most populated country in the world.

The reproductive health bill
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