The statistics of the earthquake related deaths and damages globally

The improvements in flood protection are the most prominent when looking at the trends, as through the time period, many huge events occurred, but from onwards, the normalised losses steadily reduce.

Looking at UN region, the figure is more complex.

Natural disasters since 1900—over 8 million deaths and 7 trillion US dollars damage

These movements cause vibrations which pass through and around the world. Inversely, in West Africa, the number of people affected by droughts was half the annual average, while no drought occurred in Central Africa. Inversely, with 11 natural disasters, the Philippines experienced their lowest number of disasters since In the whole African continent, only three disasters had higher costs since This was still the case inwith a total of more than 41 million people affected, which is 1.

In East Africa, it remained close to the annual average. Inversely, the number of climatological disasters 38 was the fourth highest since The Ebola virus disease has a high risk of deaths, as of August 26, there have been 3, cases, resulting 1, deaths due to outbreak in West Africa.

Inwith 34 natural disasters reported, China experienced its fifth highest number of natural disasters of the last decade, After a peak in disasters inthis decrease could be a sign of, either a return to a declining trend in the annual number of disasters sinceor a precursor of a possible stabilization in the annual number of disasters.

The number of hydrological disasters was 6. Two other droughts in Ethiopia and China affected at least 10 million people, each. No damages were reported for the two disasters which occurred in Central Asia.

List of earthquakes in 2017

The global number of deaths due to earthquakes varies from year to year. Between andthe number of deaths due to droughts stood at 3, in China. The country was affected by a variety of disasters types, including 16 floods and landslides, 13 storms, 3 earthquakes, 1 extreme temperature episode and 1 drought.

These figures have been calculated and collected by the risk engineer Dr. However, thistakes into account two years with more thanpeople reported killed, mainly attributable to mega catastrophes: Deaths due to natural disasters since United States earthquake lists (except "Top ") also include some earthquakes outside the U.S.

since the search area is a rectangle. Statistics. Worldwide, United States, and average annual statistics for earthquake counts. U.S.

Global earthquake death toll from 2000 to 2015

and worldwide deaths per year. Earthquake counts by U.S. State.

Facts + Statistics: Earthquakes and tsunamis

Globally, earthquake impact was concentrated in Asia, which had the greatest number of deaths and the largest affected population.

The primary cause of earthquake-related mortality was building collapse most frequently leading to soft tissue injuries, fractures and crush injuries/syndrome. Earthquake Statistics Data Total Number of Earthquakes per year with 8 or Higher Magnitude 1 Total Number of Earthquakes per year with magnitude between 18 Total Number of Earthquakes.

That's what causes an earthquake. The quake that struck Haiti was the same strength as the Loma Prieta earthquake that struck San Francisco during the World Series.

But Haiti's quake was miles below the surface. In the first chart we report the total annual number of deaths from natural catastrophes, as the decadal average from In the second chart, we report the same data but as the annual rate of global deaths (measured perof the world population).

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The statistics of the earthquake related deaths and damages globally
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