What can i write about on my personal journal

Write about the Lessons of a Book Most of the literature that you read has an obvious plot as well as a deeper lesson that is hidden in the pages. Write down anything that comes to mind.

You can write to someone who has passed away, someone who lives far away from you, or even someone who lives in your home. Throughout history, there are a lot of events that you could write about.

What was your favorite cartoon? Write a Letter Write a letter to someone you need to forgive. What type of journal should you use?

I like to write about them as if I were there at the time. Create Thought Clusters Start with one idea in the center of your page and expand from that single thought. It allows you to talk to someone and organize your thoughts without being judged.

Meditating can clear your mind and get rid of all of the mental clutter that is holding you back. Like this post on 33 journaling ideas?

If you have a goal to write in a daily journalthen try using journaling prompts to give your writing focus. If you encountered a struggle today that was difficult for you, your daily journal is the perfect place to write it down. Try to write at least three pages of content without thinking much about what you are writing.

The things were so in front of me that I became blind to them. You can also use this journal prompt to describe the location that you are eating at, the presentation of the food, and how well you enjoyed it.

This is your journal, so use whatever creative means you wish. Track the Food You Eat When you are attempting to lose weight, nothing is more helpful than a food journal.

How would you describe yourself? Define Solutions to Challenges Not all challenges are easy to overcome, so if you find yourself in a situation that you do not know how to overcome, write about possible solutions in your daily journal. As I began to see the pages fill up with images and ideas, I had this sense of: Perhaps you like to draw.

What grand adventure do you wish you could go on? These 33 ideas offer a great starting place for your daily journal. Another favourite exercise was dripping a blob of ink on to a page and blowing it with a straw.

You can also write about ways that the situation could have been prevented in the first place. And discover other good habits that are part of every great day.

My Personal Journal

Overcoming Fears Your greatest fears are often in the back of your mind. Specific Events These events are not typically something that happened to you. Sharing a journal will allow you to understand each other's thoughts and thinking patterns. You can even include some of your favorite quotes.

You can stencil a picture that you want to create, and you can even color it in if you wish. Using this journal prompt is perfect because it helps me remember the precious details of my trips that could easily be forgotten.The first journal is a personal journal, and it contains the types of entries you would expect to find in someone’s journal or diary i.e.

it’s about my day-to-day life. I keep this journal in a password-protected file on my computer, and I write word entries at night, every days. Jul 20,  · Not sure what to write in a journal?

Today, I share a bunch of different journal prompts and ideas. Write it down, make it happen. ANSWER YOUR OWN QUESTIONS! (How am I going to pay off my. You specifically said you wanted an online journal, so here are some ways you can get the flexibility to write and update when and where you want to without worrying that prying eyes will read it.

There are a myriad of benefits to journaling, and everyone should consider keeping a journal. However, one of the obstacles that people face when they want to pick up the practice of journaling is that they don’t know what to write about.

My Personal Journal is a digital journal that allows you to record your life’s daily events. With My Personal Journal you can store all of you memoirs in one place. It easy to use interface and features provide a tool that makes keeping a journal easy.

There are two licensing options for the application. The standard, or adware option, provides the. In short, you get the best benefits of journaling when you're telling your personal story, not just writing about your feelings on their own.

It's a great example of how telling your own personal story can make a huge difference in your well being.

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What can i write about on my personal journal
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