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All the users of the communities are divided into: Berlin, Budapest and Vienna became Germany's, Hungary's and Austria's capitals only in the 19th Century, although Berlin is an exception, since he was Prussia's capital long before that. He has his interests and he's clear about write away community livejournal hetalia.

Her name is Amelia and she claims to be the personification of the USA from a world where the countries are mostly female. Despite how laid back he is when dressing, his hair is rarely ever seen disheveled.

Comments on a given entry may be allowed from anyone who can read the entry or restricted.


The new terms prompted wide concern from users who believed that their content would now be targeted under Russian censorship policies, including the country's "gay propaganda" law.

Some have also worried that SUP's purchase of the community was less to make a profit and more to curtail or even dissolve the strong independent Russian blogging community, silencing dissent the government found inconvenient. Communities can also be private, with moderated or closed membership, when community holders give users different level of access to the content, based on the information about the user.

Axis Powers Hetalia Doujinshi?

It's just never in his interest to show that side of him in order to have fun. Since then, dozens of these blogs have been created for a number of different fandoms including Hetalia shown below, leftHarry Potter shown below, center and Dangan Ronpa shown below, right.

Breastfeeding pictures were not restricted by the original FAQ, and the current FAQ reflects the fact that they are only restricted from use as a default user picture. K - English - Adventure - Chapters: Unlike Berlin, Budapest and Vienna, Copenhagen has always been recognised as his brother, most probably because Copenhagen already became Denmark's capital in the 15th Century.

Privacy[ edit ] LiveJournal provides an option intended to reduce the chances of search engines indexing a journal; however, the only way to make it completely impossible for such indexing to occur is to set the entry security to "friends only" or higher when first posting the entry.

They can also screen various types of comments before they are displayed, or disable commenting entirely. Each user also has a "User Info" page, which contains a variety of data including contact information, a biography, images linked from off-site sources and lists of friends, interests, communities and even schools the user has attended in the past or is currently attending.

When logged into their Paid or Permanent Account during times of heavy site load, their requests for pages are sent to the web servers before other users' requests. Rumors of the impending sale were first reported by Business 2. So really, what makes Hetalia so awful?

Just make sure to put it under this category. Rated T for language and Flash's constant sexual innuendo. In Fanfiction Edit This series does suffer from some shipping warsbut luckily, due to the enormous cast—over 40 characters have shown up in some way in the series—and an abundance of justifications for ships due to historical or canon eventsthey usually are not too serious nor result in too many cases of characters dying for a ship.

Being Japanese does not mean that he wishes the Axis had won or anything like that. Chance encounters, however, lead them into a tentative buddy relationship. If the text messaging feature is set up, anyone or any authorized user can use LiveJournal to send text messages to their cellphone by following a link on the User Info page.

In Aprilthe LiveJournal community headcanonftw [13] was created to share theories from different fandoms. Owners [20] who are supervising the community and capable to use all administrative functions that are available for managing the community.

She claims that the evil that destroyed her world is now loose in theirsThe coat was still warm from America's body, and Russia's fingers stumbled over the buttons until America brushed his hands away and did the buttons up himself.

America's hand closed over Russia's (warm, so warm) and he pulled the older country along with him, back outside. Arthur shouted out while backing away from the approaching form.

"You're going to hit me back." The Brit backed all the way to the wooden wall and suddenly the nervously angry face twisted into. My mind's still in vacation mode right now and I can't do any homework without getting bored halfway through!!

AUGGHHH!! Well this is a problem lmao, especially since my oh so kind history teacher decided to assign 5 projects in addition to our regular workload. LiveJournal is the largest online community on the Runet, with about 45% of all entries in the Russian blogosphere.

According to Alexa Internet 50% of LiveJournal's audience is located in Russia. [31]. Press question mark to see available shortcut keys.

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Sign in. Arthur Kirkland, renowned horror novelist, has been having writer’s block for the past two years, and it is putting a serious strain on his marriage.

Write away community livejournal hetalia
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