Writing activities about the zoo

Read featuring great books for every occassion. Although children of any age may enjoy all of the books, I hope this gives you a good place to begin when selecting appropriate books for your child.

So you can replace pictures, if you want Variation: Teachers who prefer to lecture need not apply. Students will roll a die and move their playing piece towards the zoo exit sign.

Have the students write their name with markers under their favorite story.

Alphabet Letter Z Zebra Theme | Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Worksheets

Do a number of these pictures around a certain subject, such as Zoo animals. Small Group, Math Centers Objective: Give each writing activities about the zoo one sheet of paper and have them draw a picture of what they would like to see at the zoo.

The mountain zebra and Grevy's zebra are two of the most endangered. The students could each have a copy of the book and they could use it as an added supplement while walking around observing the animals at the zoo. After the child has written their fact sheet and drawn their illustration the students will prepare a two to three minute presentation for the class on their animal.

The beginning sounds activity is available in the Zoo Literacy Packet located in the printables section below. Encourage him to write as wild, crazy, or funny a story as he likes. Give your child a zip-lock bag to put nature treasures while on a nature walk. Integrate math and literacy.

Display other Z posters and coloring pages or even make a letter Z classroom book. Trace letter Z's in upper and lower case with your finger as you also sound out the letter. Give each child in the small group a counting grid sheet.

Alligator Alphabet Identification Game This activity includes both upper and lower case versions in black and white or color.

Also check out my preschool themes pinterest board for more inspiration! Students can generate professional-quality documents shortly after the zoo visit.

You also want to make sure you have a visual learner in each group because they are best at figuring out maps. The default puzzle is 6 pieces.

Zoo Writing & Literacy Activities and Printables

The students will use the stickers or stamps to create a pattern on the grid. Monkey Rhyming Game This super fun game can be played in a large group and is available in both black and white and color.

Other Punch holes in a lunch tray to make these animal cages. These jungle animal erasers were purchased from Oriental Trading and used to practice addition story problems.

Available in the Zoo Math Packet located in the printables section below, this activity will help build number sense and one to one correspondence.

They will have to find all of the components of the fact sheet using any resources that are available to them in the library. Students closed the carton, shook it and opened it up. Lesson Body The students will be broken off into pairs with one group of three people. Rubber snakes were placed on this addition math mat to help solve a problem.

Then cruise through the tropics to study the primates of your choosing. What are some of the animal's most interesting characteristics or behaviors?

This activity is located in the Zoo Math Packet in the printables section below. Useful Websites These sites have other lessons that could be used along with this lesson to help teach zoo animals to the students. Use finger puppets to make up an animal story.Use our 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo activities and game to count zoo animals.

Extension: Cut the Zoo Animals Word Wall cards in to two pieces (animal picture and animal word).

The Zoo Stories: Imagining Animals at Night

Review the zoo animals names and let children match the word with the pictures. Let children practice writing the names of the zoo animals. Zoo theme for Pre-K, Preschool and Kindergarten.

Hands-on literacy and math activities, printables, and books for learning about zoo animals. We have many exciting events daily at the Nashville Zoo. We encourage all of our guests to learn more about the different activities and take advantage of all of the opportunities Nashville Zoo offers.

Lots of free zoo printables and Montessori-inspired zoo activities for multiple ages; perfect for home or classroom. Zoo Creative Writing. Free Printable: Zoo Creative Writing Printables Please join me at PreK + K Sharing for ideas on how to use the free printables to create Montessori-inspired zoo activities: Montessori-Inspired Zoo.

by Rex Ettlin Education Program Coordinator Oregon Zoo. First I have to tip my hat in apology to aquariums, wildlife parks and educational farms.

Since I work in a zoo that’s what I can talk about. The Zoo. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - The Zoo. Some of the worksheets displayed are Pre oo post oo, Lesson zoo animals, A day at the zoo, Kindergarten, At the zoo, Activities, This zoo math level 2 is for personal or, Zoo animal word exercises.

Writing activities about the zoo
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